This week-long intensive balances in-depth individual exploration with rigorous practice in spontaneous ensemble dance-making. Fresh perceptions and new choices are set in motion daily through provoking, open-ended questions. Each kinesthetic- conceptual proposition acts as an entrance point for the mover and composer, a window into authenticity, connection, depth, and range. Of particular interest here is THE EMERGING: compositional languages and modes of perceiving and engaging that are in-progress, unfolding, as-yet-unseen. Throughout the week, the artistic integrity of one’s voice is sharpened in conversation with the whole and a dialogue emerges as individual aesthetics meet, interact, and expand. As time allows, group discussions contribute to conscious integration of the experiential and the conceptual. Even here, moving into words is an invitation to discover, to uncover diverse perspectives, spark the imagination, and to notice the aesthetic and poetic effect of our compositional choices.

MORNING SESSIONS (9AM-12PM) are devoted to workshops with faculty in movement resourcing, solo and group forms, partnering, vocal work, creative scores/structures for investigation and performance, and working in environments. 

AFTERNOON SESSIONS (2PM-5PM) may continue with small group practice, independent or collaborative work time, or open rehearsals.  Decisions about how afternoons will be organized are often made together just before lunch in order to maintain flexibility and sensitivity to group process. 

EVENING SESSIONS (7PM-9PM) are available for continuing work, video or work-in-progress showings, performances, special topics, workshops, or discussions (writing about dance and improvisation, issues attending performance, etc.).  Personal time for rest and integration may be taken whenever needed.

“Each time I return to MICI, I have a different experience with the work. I am so grateful each time. I learn about myself as a physicality artist, a teacher, and a person.  I'm at once supported and challenged - a beautiful pair I seek in my professional and personal life. How each Architect individually, truthfully engages with and teaches…the various elements of the work, is a gift.”
MICI Participant (2012)


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Movement Intensive in Compositional Improvisation

Department of Theatre, Dance & Film
Franklin & Marshall College
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