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The St. Petersburg Times:

“…the intersection of movement and poetry."

​Dance Source Houston:

“[They] …call themselves ‘The Architects,’ as they manipulate space, time, and words in uncanny ways. Their ease, confidence, and humor are a joy to watch.”


​The Dictionary Project:

"...tonight I was in awe. I was deeply moved and lightened and full of gratitude... These performers embodied expansiveness. They committed to their movements, to their words, to their interaction with one another."  read more here​​

​Wood Stove House: 

"...a profound and touching display of dance."  read more here


“My overall experience was, quite honestly, life changing. The environment was ideal for fostering a sense of risk, growth, and mutual support. I found myself going further than I ever thought possible for myself to go, both in terms of improvisation and in gaining a better perspective of who I am. I loved it, plain and simple, and would absolutely go back.”

“Each time I return to MICI, I have a different experience with the work. I am so grateful each time. I learn about myself as a physicality artist, a teacher, and a person.  I'm at once supported and challenged - a beautiful pair I seek in my professional and personal life. How each Architect individually, truthfully engages with and teaches…the various elements of the work, is a gift.”

“Both inside and outside of the studio I have found myself working on things we discussed in depth at MICI.”

“I love how this work challenges me and grows me and in the end makes me feel more confident in myself.”

“The work is fantastic. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself, open/expand your perception, enable you to interact with the world better and more flexibly, and create new ideas for artistic work.”

“MICI went beyond all my expectations and the group selected was incredible to work with. I have never had an experience like the one I had at MICI this summer, thank you thank you thank you!”

“I think the cost and what is included is incredible for the price of the workshop. And what I take away is beyond any value rating.”

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