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Using Zoom as our primary platform, we will move in and out of guided solo explorations, ensemble research, time spent writing, time spent offline/outside in solo research, breaks for integration, and dialogue both as a group, and in breakout sessions.
To make things easier to organize, and as a way to structure the days, we are looking at our time together as a series of 3 hour blocks, or sessions. Friday - Sunday have a built in hour long break between the sessions.
The first session, on Thursday, will serve as an introduction, gathering, establishing our common vocabulary and agreements together. The last session, on Sunday, will serve as integration, reflection, and moving through strategies for taking this work out into the world.  
These sessions will be co-facilitated by the Architects as a collective. The five sessions in between will each be led by a different Architect, or pair of Architects, and will offer inroads into specific areas of improvisational inquiry of particular interest each facilitator.
Each session will be contain some combination of moving, stillness, time on screen, and time off screen, often outdoors where and when that is possible. We are sensitive to the somatic impacts of the combination of screen time and sitting, and have designed this workshop in the hopes of offering participants healthy and expansive ways to move and connect with other movers, without succumbing to ZOOM burnout. 

Our schedule will be as follows: (All times reflect Eastern Standard -New York- time)
[Session 1]    Thu  7/23:    6-9pm
[Session 2]    Fri  7/24:     11am-2pm
[Session 3]    Fri  7/24:     3-6pm
[Session 4]    Sat  7/25:    11am-2pm
[Session 5]    Sat  7/25:    3-6pm
[Session 6]    Sun 7/26:    11am-2pm
[Session 7]    Sun 7/26:    3-6pm

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