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On Limitations

Updated: Apr 8

Each week a different Architect proposes a question, prompt, or theme to accompany our individual and collective research. Our theme for this week, offered by Jennifer Kayle:

Here’s a raw sort of question/prompt — not fully cooked: How have you thought, how are you thinking now, about LIMITATION, in and through the work we practice? Maybe in a physical sense, or artistic/compositional, or in a metaphysical sense - the limitation of the form based on its nature. Any/all of these ideas filtered through the notion [limitation]. You can read each Architect's response by clicking on their name.

Kathy Couch

I’ve spent the week musing 

through long tangly sentences 

trying to grapple with my relationship to the ever emerging limitations

of this body at this age

of this society in this age

of this form’s capacity to meet it all.

And this morning, as I attempted to wrestle all the thoughts that had rambled out 

Into some kind of sense

I decided to set for myself a new limitation.

Can I say all of this in some more concise way?

Can I put some limit on the words themselves?

And might that beget?

So, confronting also the limits of my imagination,

I went with the most familiar form of boundaried writing I could think of: the haiku

And so sitting by a river in Vermont

waiting patiently for the hours to pass 

and carry me to the approaching revelation of the solar eclipse

I counted out on my fingers (my blessed 10 nimble fingers)

these syllables of distilling

Hope they offer some opening from this beautiful prompting of limitation.

Your limitation

expands possibility.

What did we expect?

The river rolling

roils around the broken fall

flows through a new way

Together we circle,

attend to what can’t be done

watch it fall away

Jennifer Kayle

Pamela Vail

Lisa Gonzales

Katherine Ferrier

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